Here’s just some of the stories we’ve turned up so far thanks to the Oregon Heritage Commission.
These are all hosted at YouTube on the Stories of Southern Oregon channel, Landscape Changed playlist for the time being.

Dunbar Pears to Dunbar Farms: Diversified Agriculture Inside Medford’s Urban Growth Boundary
Stephen Nealon to Peter Sage: A Table Rock Century Farm
Living in Lola’s House. Farming the Blackford Place | Lola Blackford Saltsgaver, Central Point
Anne Manlove: 33 Years of Service to 4-H in Southern Oregon
Landscape Changed: Southern Oregon’s Agricultural Heritage | Rick Hilton
Planning for the Future of Agriculture in the Rogue Valley | October 5, 2016
Planning for the Future Of Food And Agriculture In The Rogue Valley
Future Farmers of America: Why Jeremy Kennedy Teaches Agriculture and FFA at Phoenix High School
Jim Miller, Crater High Future Farmers of America
Ron Bjork: Eagle Point Rancher, Oregon Farm Bureau Leader, and More
A Food Scientist Talks About the Rogue Valley | Vincent M. Smith, PhD
Feeding the Rogue Valley for Five Generations | The Bigham Family. The Bigham Farms.
Barking Moon Farm: Growing Food Out in the Applegate | Josh Cohen
A Culture of Cooperation: Maud Powell and the Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative
Sharon Johnson | SOREC’s Healthy Aging Initiative
Fry Family Farm: Two Daughters Step Up
Rogue Valley Pears: David Sugar Has the Science
Stewardship: I Have a Lot to Live Up To | Jania Schiefer-Wolff
I’m a Berry Guy | Antonio Ruiz Grows Strawberries and Raspberries